How do I connect a turntable to my DENON AV-1906?


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I have a DENON AVR -1906.

This was being used for a home cinema system, but I wanna get a turntable (Pro-ject III DEBUT) and plug that into a pre-amp maybe, then plug it into this amp.

Is it possible/wise to use the DENON AVR 1906 which is a home cinema system's amp with a turntable?


Don Dadda

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The answer is yes

If it has it has a input labelled 'Phono' then connect the TT to that. if not then you and TT does not have a onboard phono stage (which i don't think it has) then one will need to be bought.

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Thanks for the reply :smashin:

So lemme get this straight.

Do I not need a pre-amp anyway for a TT?

I've heard some people say that TTs don't have high output so they need pre-amp and an amp. If that's the case then it'll work anyway.

Otherwise, can a TT be used with only my Denon av surround receiver amp?



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More than amplification, though we can't discount that, Turntables need RIAA equalization. When records are cut, the highs are boosted and the bass is cut. Then the record is played back, exactly the opposite happens, the highs are cut and the bass is boosted.

If your amp has an input marked PHONO, then you are set. If it doesn't, then you need a Phone Equalization Pre-Amp similar to the Project Phono Box suggested, though there are many more to choose from.

If your amp has a PHONO input, then it has the equalization and the amplifier boost to Line Levels.



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Thanks guys! :clap:

I'm sticking with the AV reciever and getting a pre-amp (the project one cause it'll allow me to USB to my pc and record songs if I ever wanna do that).

Cheers! :thumbsup:

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