How do I connect a TIVO to a toshiba plasma



Ive got a Toshiba 42pw16 on order from richer sounds. I want to connect my tivo + dvd player to it. Now my DVD player being a toshiba 220e has component so thats easy. However, the Tivo only has scart and the tosh doesn't have scart.

I cant find a scart to svideo cable. (loads of svideo to scart though, but they dont work the other way around)

Can anyone suggest the best way to connect the TIVO so I can use its tuner?

cheers try that mate should take you straight to a list of scart to svideo.

hope that helps mate an give us a review of the tosh when you get it an the customer service you in the process now of saving up for a plasma after blowing off a rear projector an the tosh strata.i now want the panasonic plasma or the tosh so let us know
I, too, am interested in one of these plasmas so I hope you'll let us all know asap...

A couple of points (and please bear in mind I'm new to this):

Are you sure that you can get S-video out of the Tivo (I thought it was RGB or composite only). If you can't the cables above won't be any use to you...
Have you found out if there is a tuner box for sale for the Tosh (a HE review says yes, but I can't find it on any retail websites or the Tosh one)?


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