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How do I choose a TV?!

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by andy76, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. andy76


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    Practicallity says I buy a TV rather than the projector I wanted SOO....

    Having looked round the local Currys a few questions...
    I know the signal they use is never going to be great but I will need to use it as an idea to my purchase.
    Most of the TVs all seemed fine to me in terms of sharpness, colours etc, the only standouts being the PD30 and the Toshiba Picture Frames which were considerably better.
    Of the others am I safe in thinking that if they are all fairly equal with a bad signal they will be fairly equal only better with a good signal or DVD?

    Main use will be DVD so it is important that the image is good through scart.
    To be fair to Currys though they did say they would hook up a DVD player to a couple of models if I wanted.

    Secondly, on TVs no bigger than 32" how significant is progressive scan?
    Some of the nicest TVs from Sony don't have component inputs so I can't get a progressive input can I?

    On the progressive subject, can ALL TVs with component input accept both PAL and NTSC progressive?


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