How do I bring up a MacBook MAC Address?


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Jul 29, 2007
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Sure this will be in one of the books I have somewhere, or in the Help, but I'm blowed if I can find it at the memont. Just got a new MacBook and I've got it onto my Wireless network at home. I'm not sure which of the two UKNOWN systems I have marked as trusted is the MAC (one is an old work laptop which i need to delete). I don't want to delete the wrong one!!!!

Apologies to all for opening an old thread but needed to thank sammy4499771.

I've been having a nightmare trying to configure Port Forwarding on my new Time Capsule & MacBook Pro combination.
Thanks Pal cos your post pointed me in the right direction - I needed a static IP address due to me being on Virgin Media.
I'm also feeling very pleased with myself as I'm not technical but I've managed to set the IP address & forward the points without a single visit to the Genius Bar or with the assistance of Tech support.

I am not a PC!
Well done!

For future ref the MAC address is also given in System Profiler.

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