How do I assign a static IP Address to QNAP 219P

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Hi Guys,

I tried to assign a static IP address, which all seemed fine until I tried to download a file with the download manager. Then it failed to find an IP address for the Microsoft server until I set it back to using DHCP.

I used the QNAP Finder and set the gateway address to that shown by Ipconfig (which was my router).

I also tried configuring it from the administration page, but that didn't seem to make a difference!


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Check that you also set the DNS server address on the client.

Typically in a SOHO LAN for manually assigned IP addresses, you client devices need to know:

- It's own unique IP address.
- The subnet mask of you LAN (same as everything else.)
- The "default gateway" address (usually your routers IP address.)
- A DNS server address (also usually your routers IP address, but copy it from an IPCONFIG /ALL.)
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Also give it a static IP OUTSIDE of your DHCP range. Or you will get in trouble. I don't know the Qnaps inferface I'm afraid. Best check the manual or their forum.

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