How do I add date to photos 400D



hi all,

This is my first thread, as I just bought a EOS 400D today. I have read the user guide & have set the date/time function within the camera but when I take photos & transfer them to PC to print etc, there is no date caption in a corner. Can some one please advise how I turn this on



Welcome :)
I'm not sure its even possible with DSLR's but why would you want the date and time showing on your pictures anyway :confused:


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I don't know if you can do that on the 400D actually mate. The date of the photo is stored as part of the actual file (known as the EXIF data), but I don't think you can embed it directly onto a picture .........


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As Zone Said .. why? its embedded within the EXIF anyway.. so really no need to have it splashed over your photos..


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The 400D doesn't have that functions I'm afraid, but it does store the date/time etc in the file it creates - if you want it printed on the picture you'll have to add it yourself in your picture editor.

Edit: the above posts beat me to it Lol!

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