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How do current speakers compared to newer models?


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Hi all,

I currently have a 4.1 setup ( soon to be 5.1 ) consisting of B&W 602.5 S3's at the front, some old Kef Cresta bookshelf's at the back and a custom sub.

For the last few months ive been planning on buying some "new" rears and a centre to match my B&W's.

I realised today I must have had my B&W's for getting on for 10 years! So my question is really how much have things come on in that time?

Ive been looking at the Q Acoustics 2020 & 2050s, they seem to have some very good reviews ( and my wife approves of the looks :) ) They look about the same price new ( maybe even cheaper ) as the 2nd hand B&W's ive seen..

How would say the 2050's & matching centre at the front & 2020's at the rear compare to my current kit? Would I be better sticking to my original plan?

Obviously an audition would be best but I thought id get some opinions too.

Thanks a lot for any advice!

P.S. I forgot to mention these are being run off an Onkyo 875 if it makes a difference.
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Your current speakers are I suspect going to be better than the QAs. If the B&W are the same price second hand as the QAs new it kind of tells you about the quality of the 2. Speaker technology does not move particular fast so a good speaker 10 years ago will still be a good speaker now. I personally would not replace your current speakers with the QAs.


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Thanks for the reply PSM1, that makes sense if progress moves slowly, I was kind of hoping that wasnt the case & I could grab myself a bargain and an improvement at the same time :)

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