how difficult is the pronto to program ???


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on a 1 to 10 scale keep in mind i hane never used a pronto or even seen the software or interface,and what makes it so difficult ??? i would like one but im not prepared to spend eternity programming one or smashing my pc up with would you recommend i stear clear or go for it ???


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why don't you just download "pronto edit" S/W install it and have a play with it 1st. You dont need a remote to play with the software. At least you will know if you can use the prog before parting with your money.


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cheers pcdoc will do mate ;) just ot of interest do you own one ??? and which one


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You should also check out Remote Central .
A great site with lots of files that you can download to Pronto Edit and then to your Pronto (if you get one).


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Not so much difficult to program,but not helped by software that comes with no help at all,so you have to learn almost by trial and error.
That aside,it still rates as one of the most comprehensive and useful remotes available...remote central is a very useful site by the way,and has some excellent ccf files for your pronto.


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Being realistic, the ProntoEdit software can be frustrating, even for an experienced user. However, it's reasonably intuitive and once you get used to its foibles, you can achieve quite a lot with it. There is a learning curve though, so if you're the type that gets frustrated easily or has a fear of using a computer, you may find it hard going. Like the others have pointed out in this thread, there are thousands of people that have already done the hard work for you - you can "borrow" the fruits of their labours from the endless downloadable CCFs on the Remote Central site and modify them to your needs.
I think the Pronto is good enough to be worth the effort. Go for it!


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i think i will any one got any recommendations on where to buy ??


Originally posted by SILVERBACK
i think i will any one got any recommendations on where to buy ??

I am getting the new ProntoPro Ng from The Art Of Connection as they are new and they have 20 available and due in begining of april so you can pre-order. "first come first served"
Good luck!!



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jesus tap dancing christ,looks like there will be one less in the pre order line lol thanks for the link any way ;)

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