How could I hook up the JBL CONTROL 1s to my PC?


The JBL Control 1's are passive speakers so you'd need to by an amplifier in order to run them. Also, if you listen to base heavy music or like the base cranked up for explosions in games then you'd probably need to look for a sub as well.

Why don't you want a dedicated sound card. On board is generally pretty decent but you'd notice a considerable improvement in sound quality with the above setup.

You could look to get a pair of active studio monitor speakers (one active and one passive), you'll not need a amp or sub either and put the saving towards a dedicated sound card.


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I'll happily buy a dedicated sound card if that's what I need. I'd just prefer the JBL's over something from M-Audio. So what type of amplifier would I need? Thanks.


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The JBL control 1s are nearly 20 years old now. They are a good commercial installation speaker, but would not be my first choice for a PC speaker system. I find them too bright and with no low end below 100Hz. A background music box, but thats all.

Amp wise, pretty much any integrated amp will drive them fine. One of these glow audio integrated tube amplifier with USB and DAC single ended valve amplifier would be very nice and will tone down some of the brashness and harsh teble the control 1s tend to produce. It also has a USB input direct from your PC.

Personally, I will stick to my M-Audio BX8s and would rate the BX5s over the JBLs, even some of the bigger boxes. Probably cheaper once an amp is factored in.


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Those Glow things you linked are $800... so no thanks! I'm looking for a joint speaker/accessories budget of £100.


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I have a pair of JBL control 1's on my pc from a TA2020 T class amp sound pretty good with my home built sub too the lepai TA2020 are about £20 and I've been running one for about a year with no probs what so ever
pic here size of a pack of fags it is.

There are many different types & makes of the TA2020 tripath chip depending how much cash you have

The control 1's don't look out of place on a desktop too much either
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Rather than the JBL's I'd consider a pair of Wharfdale Diamond 9.0's and a decent second hand amp for the classified.

Another option would be to get a pair of active studio monitors such as the Microlab SOLO6C, Edifier R1600T or if you can up your budget a bit then the Audioengine A2's for around £140.

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