How comeonly big TVs are plasmas?


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They all seem to be 40" +. I was after a 21" plasma. They seem to be better than LCDs...


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They also come in 37" these days

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37" is the smallest plasma available.

There's only one manufacturer at this size and that's Panasonic. And very good they are too. Apparently it's not economic to manufacture small plasmas. So if you want a tv smaller than 37" you have to buy lcd. If you want a choice of plasmas then you have to buy 42" or larger.


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End of 2007, LG announced a 32" plasma: 32PC5RV. I havent heard anything after that. There definitely are no 21" plasmas available and will not be for sometime due to technological limitations and manufacturing costs are high.


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Pixel structure can't be manufactured that small without it costing absolutely horrendous amounts of money.

That 32" LG plasma will be an SD panel.


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There is a certain minimum size to economically make a plasma cell/pixel. It's only been in the last year or two that they've managed to squeeze 1080 lines into a plasma at 42". In theory that means they could just about make an SD (525 line) 21" plasma, for probably £6-700, but who would buy that?


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Maybe you should hold on until Sony produces a 21" Oled panel which if you believe the hype will be far superior than the best plasma panels. Only available at present as an 11" screen.

Sony Press Release

Sorry for being well :offtopic: but very interesting stuff, exciting times ahead maybe:clap:

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