How come Super Monkey Ball 2 has a DD5.1 logo on the disk?



How is that possible? What are they on about? The GC has no way of doing DD, so what's going on there? It's even got the little 5.1 box logo thing too.

It's not on the case though, just the disk.

Wassat all about?


That's the conclusion I'm coming to... seems a bloody big error to make, like having "96% fat free" on the side of a mobile phone.


You will find that its Prologic 2 on this title.
Although Prologic 2 is not a true 5.1 discrete audio sound system like Dolby Digital its gets confused as being such and mislabeling like this doesnt help!
They usually labelled it as being "Dolby Digital" using the DD logo and then in smaller letters it says "Prologic 2" underneath.


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The 'DD' logo is the plain old Dolby logo (same one used on v old kit that used Dolby NR). Doesn't imply Dolby Digital. That's a separate logo that explicitly contains the word 'digital'.

You could stretch it to say that PLII is a 5 channel system because it can decode 5 channels from a matrixed source, but it definitely isn't 5.1 because it doesn't decode a separate sub channel. Are you sure the box logo contains the dot in the middle, signifying the sub?


Yep, it both contains the little connected dot in the middle, the classic DVD case symbol, and it's not the normal double D Dolby logo, it's the full one that says Dolby Digital.

I think the DPLII one says Dolby Surround with Pro Logic II underneath it, doesn't it?

... quick bit of searching...

Ya, it's definitely the third one down in this list of images, not the fourth.

Anyway, pedantry aside, it's good to know it has DPL2... thanks


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indeed it does have a proper DD 5.1 logo on the bizarre, shame these companies dont have a clue..:(


Why can't it be Dolby 5.1?
Isn't that what the digital output is for on the back of the machine?


It's for video. I did hear that was capable of outputting an audio stream as well, but not in any format we'd be able to use, and none of the Nintendo cables currently use it, even when you use the component cable in that socket, you have to get audio from the analog socket.

And just to top it all off, it's not even got a Surround option in game, bah,

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