How come not many places sell Kef eggs online?


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Despite being very popular i think ive only seen them for sale online once, any ideas why this is??

i suspect price fixing, like Bose and Bang and Olufsen do??


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FWIW- I just upgraded to a mixed Reference / Q setup, so my .2 eggs set is for sale, only 4 months old.
Looks as new and plays likewise.
Think I'll Ebay it soon, if nobody's interested...


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Originally posted by tills

I hope this helps.......Its my local shop, and they appear to sell them online.
Not for much longer if they see that add.:oops:
I Know of another store that is selling some kef eggs on the net.Thay have allready been told off for selling some speakers £10 less than they should have.


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In Germany I know several companies that sell the KHT2005.2 for under Eur 900, including local VAT.
One is, nice people and they ship to England too.
Mine came from them, no problem at all.
Although here in Holland prices are kept high because of a very stringent dealer network there are some Internet companies too that sell around 1000 Eur, which is still rather high IMO.
Well, these dealers justify themselves by pointing at their service efforts, but not everyone needs hours of listening and lots of bad coffee...
And don't compare these posh arrogant guys in their hifi temples to a few really nice English dealers I know, who I'd gladly pay a few bob extra if I lived in the UK...
Just my two cents!

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