How come my Humax is recording programmes from the future???

Kermit Power

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Hi All,

For some reason, my Humax 9200T has decided it isn't happy to record this week's programmes for me, and is recording next week instead!! :eek:

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this and how to fix it?

This happens on most channels as far as I can see, but not necessarily uniformly....

Looking at my recorded programmes list, I have today recorded tomorrow's Finlay the Fire Engine and Bob the Builder off Cebeebies, along with The Restaurant off C4 and Mock the week and Saxondale on BBC2, all for the 13th of September! :confused:

The programme guide has the correct dates, and the right things are being recorded, it's just in the playback list that the dates are wrong. Any help would be much appreciated!



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I've seen this mentioned a handful of times over the last year on forums so its probably a bug but no one knows how get/reproduce it. It seems to happen on programmes that are set to record from a timer that is set to repeat (i.e. daily, weekly etc) and, at the time of recording, the next scheduled instance of the programme is not present the next day/week at the same time slot for some reason - probably because the broadcaster doesnt have the same show at the same slot next time. Try setting the machine to default settings from the installation menu to clear the memory and the scheduled timers list in case there is something in there that is causing this. Set up your timers again and see if the problem is resolved. It would be interesting to learn more about this bug if it does reoccur after resetting the machine. I know Humax had two machines dedicated to trying to reproduce this for 5 weeks as its probably a bug but with no luck.


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The recordings on your hard drive will remain as they are after carrying out a reset to default settings. The option to format the hard drive is something else, which you can do if you suspect any hard disk corruption. But I am not suggesting this at the moment. Selecting the option for default setting, from the installation menu will reset your machine without touching the hard drive, but things like planned recordings in your scheduled timers list will be wiped along with any personal settings or a/v control settings in the preferences menu.


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The firmware version is 1.00.15. Is there a later version I can get from somewhere?

1.00.15 that came out this summer is the latest. But I dont think it is firmware dependant. Last year I invited posts from people who could confirm this was still something that could happen on later firmwares, and there were only a couple of people - though it showed the problem can still occur. Other posts suggested the problem simply went away for them.


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Could you record me next Saturday's Match Of The Day tonight, then let me know the results before Saturday so I can nip down the bookies and make a mint?


Could you record me next Saturday's Match Of The Day tonight, then let me know the results before Saturday so I can nip down the bookies and make a mint?

that wouldn't work as the hummy would kick in with another bug (lost recording bug)!

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