How come better integration?


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I don't know why it hasn't occurred to me to try this before now, but I've just hooked up my eighteen year old budget Mission Cyrus amp to the front right and left speaker “pre-out” sockets on my Yamaha DSP-AX750SE, using a spare pair of Mark Grant phono leads. Wow, what an improvement to stereo sound through my Castle Compact satellites. Not only has the sound improved in every aspect, it all seems far more effortless.

What has really surprised me is the improvement in bass management. I was expecting maybe some improvement in stereo sound, hopefully in the detail and mid range, but thought by running the fronts from a separate amp I might loose some integration with the subwoofer. This was quite important, because the sub sits out of sight by the side of the sofa, on the opposite wall to the front speakers. Up until now, this position has, on some music, annoyingly made the sound coming out of the sub obviously localised and detached. Somehow, pre-outing the fronts into the Cyrus has also improved integration and brought everything together bass wise. :clap:

I'd be very interested to hear any explanations for this.


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possible that the extra delay in getting the sound to the speakers means it is in better synch with the sub? subs can sometimes make the sound a little 'slow' if they are not the fastest most accurate i guess its possible running something else between the source and the speakers could cause this to align better.......

or another theory is simply that the Cyrus gives a similar bass sound to the subs amp so its matching up better........

there ya go, theres two to get the ball rolling.......who is up next?..heh

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