How cheap can you get into PJs?


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I would love to get into PJs, but my budget is currently very tight.

How cheaply can you do it?

I'm thinking 2nd hand for obvious reasons, and looking for a screen and of course the projector itself.

Whats the best way to connect a PJ to a DVD and laserdisc player?


Cheapest is the Panny Ae100 (see other many threads...16:9 panel.... but you might get a dud machine....)£1200-1400. Then you will need a screen, unless you plan to project onto a wall. I would get a screen even its if a cheap screen . Other people on this forum can advise you on cheaper screens as I use an OWL fixed screen.


I have got an old Sharp XV302p that im prepared to sell for
£200.A very good picture and well maintained , obviously not upto todays standards and needs a fully darkened room but everyone INC myself who watched it was impressed with the picture .
At £200 its a bargain!!


Look on Ebay, projectors are about £500-1000 there and good ones go for silly money i.e. Hitachi 5500 LCOS projector went for £820!

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