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Don’t let multi-room systems limit your product selection to only sound bars & streaming speakers, with over 45 MusicCast products available, Yamaha opens up the possibilities, whether you are an audiophile looking for great sounding music or a home cinema buff - Yamaha MusicCast has it covered.

What is MusicCast?

MusicCast is a multi-room streaming system which isn’t just limited to music - TV or movie sound can also be shared in other rooms of the house.


Connect up to 32 rooms and enjoy your favourites in every room of the house, controllable via app available on apple or android devices. In addition, you can simply ask; “Alexa ask MusicCast to play Favourite 1 in the Living room”.

MusicCast 20 & MusicCast 50

Small in size but big in sound, the MusicCast 20 features in total 4 speakers; x1 tweeter, x1 mid/bass driver and x2 passive radiators to provide impressive depth and accuracy. The speaker is wall mountable too, which allows for a clean and discrete installation.

The MusicCast 50 adopts a stereo configuration within a single cabinet and being a bass reflex design, this allows for a deep and full sonic presentation. The same Burr Brown DAC used in our RX-A880 AV Receiver can also be found hiding inside, to provide an accurate and detailed performance. External inputs are also available, RCA, Optical & 3.5mm Jack connections can be found on the back.

MusicCast VINYL 500

The world’s first network streaming turntable breaks the rules, by combining a turntable & a streamer. Sharing your favourite record has never been easier, simply link to any of the 45+ MusicCast devices to soak in a rich analogue sound anywhere in the house.


A bespoke MusicCast streamer is on board, which supports streaming services, internet radio, Bluetooth & Airplay. A Burr Brown DAC has been selected, and like all MusicCast devices is capable of delivering a minimum of 24bit 192 kHz Hi-Res audio streams.

MusicCast BAR 40 & MusicCast SUB 100

The MusicCast BAR 40 delivers cinema sound in a compact design. 3D sound is achieved with Yamaha’s own DSP sound modes or DTS Virtual: X. Equipped with a Dolby Vision compliant HDMI input means that even the very best UHD sources are supported. HDMI control keeps things simple - use your own TV remote to operate volume.

The MusicCast SUB 100 is a wireless subwoofer which can be used with over 10 MusicCast products; and with an automatic crossover adjustment, setting up with the MusicCast 20, 50 or BAR 40 is simple. An 8” forward firing unit is driven by a 130 watt amplifier, in addition it features Yamaha’s twisted flare bass port technology to reduce port noise whilst achieving greater efficiency and to deliver even greater depth.

RX-V85 Series AV Receivers

The RX-V85 series AV receivers offer great value home cinema solutions. All of the new range feature Yamaha’s legendary DSP sound modes to transport the listener to the cinema, with sounds that appear to extend outside your room! In addition Dolby Atmos and DTS X 3D sound formats are supported on both RX-V585 and RX-V685 models.

Surround sound amplifiers don’t need to be complicated or confusing, a new remote & graphic user interface can be found on the RX-V685 which simplifies operation with fewer, bigger & clearer buttons and information on screen.

MusicCast Surround

It’s time to go wireless, MusicCast Surround offers the option to wirelessly add rear speaker(s), whether it’s x2 MusicCast 20’s, x2 MusicCast 50’s or even a single MusicCast 50 to the MusicCast BAR 40, 400, RX-V485, 585, 685, RX-S602, RX-A680, 880, 1080, 2080 & 3080 devices. Creating the perfect surround sound setup has never been easier.

Configurable within the MusicCast app, set up is simple & easy.


MusicCast Stereo allows either a pair of MusicCast 20’s or 50’s speakers to be configured as discrete left and right channels, much like a normal Hi-Fi system. Performance is greatly improved as a result of each speaker concentrating on separate channels, stereo imaging is unlocked, creating a much wider and impressive presentation of all your favourite pieces of music.


Upgradability & Flexiblity

With this new modular approach provided by MusicCast Surround/Stereo, upgrade options have never been more flexible. You can start off small with just the MusicCast BAR 400 in the living room whilst also having a MusicCast 50 in the kitchen, but on film night why not simply move the MusicCast 50 from the kitchen to the living room to complete your cinema set up for impressive & immersive sound.

Discover MusicCast today: MusicCast - Yamaha - UK and Ireland
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Just wondering if it's improved any. I like the potential of MusicCast but last time I looked there was no ability for random play or reasonable playlist support.


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Cant group zones using AirPlay, big fail!!! wouldn't recommend to anyone


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Cant group zones using AirPlay, big fail!!! wouldn't recommend to anyone

Linking products using Airplay is an Apple restriction, not something Yamaha can fix...
Airplay is the most heavily restricted streaming method I've used to date, it used to be the number one pick, but the technology has moved on.

See Airplay 2...

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