How can we listen to TV sound other side of room?

Frank Sebem

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Hi all.

I am new here so please be gentle…

We have recently moved into a new house with very large bedrooms. At one end (let’s call this end ‘South’ for this example) of our main bedroom is our TV fixed on our wall. However that wall is adjoining our sons bedroom. Because our bedrooms are so large , the TV sound has to travel from that (South) wall right across the room to where we are lay in Bed (North). That means that we have to have the volume quite loud but of course the loud volume disturbs our son on the other side of that adjoining wall.
So, we need a solution where we can keep the TV on that adjoining wall but have the sound above our heads on the opposite wall. Obviously, a standard surround set up won’t work because there still needs to be a base box under the TV (still close to sons wall). A sound bar is also not the answer because the sound is still on that side of the room under the TV. Does anybody have any ideas how we can keep the TV where it is but have the sound on the opposite side of the room? If need be I have no problem running physical wires.
thanks in advance all.

Our TV is LG 50LA660V-ZA


Optical cable from TV to a stereo amp that has it's own DAC. Analogue cables to the speakers where they need to be positioned.

Mr Wolf

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As it’s a bedroom running speaker wire through the loft should be easy. I would therefore probably use flush mounted in-ceiling speakers.

Frank Sebem

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Thank you for your suggestions guys. Much appreciated. I was just in the process of a lengthy reply and pressed ‘post reply’ and lost it! So frustrating. So, in a nut shell please can you helpful lot suggest a cheap, basic amp that will do what has been suggested here? We don’t need stunning quality sound and certainly would prefer not to have a huge setup like we have downstairs at home (Bass box on legs, front (oblong shape) speaker and satellites etc.
Thanks in advance all.

Mr Wolf

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This is the cheapest one I know of. It comes with a remote too.


Educated Guess

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Not sure if you TV can cast to Bluetooth and so you could possibly cast to one/two external speakers.
Alternatively something like an Apple TV will cast to external speakers via Airplay.

Joe Fernand

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If you have a large room could you consider a credenza at the foot of the bed with an integrated TV lift?


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