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How can we improve Gigaclear wifi signal ?


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We live in rural NE Northants with BT only as ISP (3-4 mbps download) and no upgrade available so when Gigaclear arrived we were pleased. Now connected to their basic package and getting 30mbps download through their fibre network, quite happy, it suits our needs.
We found that their router (Genexis) is rather feeble and wife cannot stream music on the iPad when in bed which she could with the BT hub. It helps her fall asleep ! The signal is intermittant. We are in a '70's bungalow and the bedroom is sort of behind the router.
I don't want the Powerline set up of using the house electric sockets and ethernet cable, especially in a bedroom. We used this in our old house with thick stone walls and it was a pain.
What alternatives are their to improve the signal wirelessly ? What about signal amplifiers, are they any good, do they work, any recommendations ?
Any suggestions gratefully received.
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Mr X

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I’m a massive fan of Gigaclear, like you a rural house with 2mb BT connection before getting 1 very reliable 1Gb connection with Gigaclear.

The only issue is that the Genexis router they use is known for very poor WiFi.

That said you are not restricted to using their router. You can attach your own router and run it in bridge mode and even turn off the Genexis WiFi so that it deosn’t Interfere with signal.

I live in a very large house (approx 5000 square ft) and tried a load of Mesh systems and ended up with an AmpliFi HD which I’m over the moon with.

If you didn’t want to go for a Mesh system you can simply go for a router which is known for for better range, just make sure it can run in bridge mode.

I’d recommend a Mesh system if your property is quite large or you want WiFi in the garden, and if you don’t wont to spend as much as the AmpliFi, get your self a Tenda Nova 3 or 5 box solution from Amazon. Try it out and if you dint get WiFi throughout your home, send it back (but I’m sure you will!)


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Thanks, food for thought. We don't need anything grand, just want to use the iPad in the bedroom.


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I know you said you don't want Powerline, but have a look at this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06XRXJNMT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

It gives you an access point that extends your current router, so that between them, they cover the house more effectively. It only needs an ethernet cable between the router and the home-plug and you can then run the access point by just plugging it into a spare socket. Very simple to set up and very reliable. We have 2 of these to cover our home and garden room and it's been perfect since we installed it.


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ISP provided routers have an unfortunate habit of using the same SSID for both bands, so the client gets to choose which one it connects to. This may be the first one it sees rather than the best connection. So if the Genexis router does the same then split the SSIDs so you can choose which one a client connects to. As a general rule use 2.4GHz for distance & 5GHz for throughput.

But streaming music is very undemanding.

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