How can Scart source to Infocus IN80?


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Hope someone can help.
I recently purchased an Infocus IN80 and find that it does not have connections for scart sources.
This projector does not have the D5 input which I used on the old Screenplay 5700. Does anyone have experience of scart to either component or HDMI converters and how well they work? Can they upscale and if so is it an improvement? I can use the M1-DA input to accept a second HDMI source.

Would a converted (component or hdmi) signal carry non-RGB signals? The scart cable I had in the old setup would carry signals from sources like Dreamcast and PS2 but not from a VHS player or N64.
Had no idea of the cabling nightmare that upgrading to hi-def would bring.
Any help appreciated.


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People on here have used RGB to component converters successfully. JS technology make such an item (RGB to Component (YUV) Video Converter: J.S. Technology), although it is more expensive than I remember when I last looked, probably my failing memory though!

These things will only output a picture of the same quality you feed into it (no upscaling etc, your projector would do that nicely anyway, I don't mind admitting I am jealous :)), so it is only converting the wiring, nowt else.

No idea if this particular item would help with non-RGB sources in your setup. Maybe worth giving them a ring?

Hope this helps a bit!



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A number of projectors can accept RGB SCART natively even though they don't have SCART sockets. They use the component input in conjunction with the composite input; running 4 leads for RGB plus sync (i.e., component & composite leads) from an adapter like this.

The InFocus IN8x Reference Guide refers to RGB SCART using the above setup, but you need to enable it in the menu:

MENU > Settings > Sources > Source Enable > SCART RGB: ON

However, to use a non RGB (composite) source you need to switch that setting off again.


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Thanks for the replies. Because the component input is used I chose to buy a scart to hdmi converter from as there is a second hdmi input. Also the scart to component converters I have seen made no claims to support non RGB signals.
This converter actually works very well for the non RGB sources such as VCR and Skybox but the RGB sources display a picture that is saturated with green colour. Upon setting up for the first time the picture was fine but in all subsequent attempts there is a green hue to the image. Inconsistent performance seems to be commonplace with hdmi. It is likely that the projector is at fault despite the manual claiming support for both 480p, 576p and 720p at both 50 and 60hz. There seems to be no way of changing the settings for the input.
Is this a problem with Infocus projectors or just the IN80?

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