How can I... (TV/Headphones query)


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...Use my headphones on my TV, which does not have a headphone jack?...

Can anybody tell me (or prefferably point me in the direction of, heh) what to get so I can use my wireless headphones with my TV?

Thanks in advance!


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Depending on the tv you may have a choice of using the audio part of a scart cable or if you have the red/white rca output sockets get the sound from them.

These can then be fed into a hi-fi or a headphone amplifier (various price ranges & quality) which does not need to be too high-end for tv listening.



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That adapter should be fine for getting a stereo signal out from a scart socket. You would connect an rca plug to the L and R sockets (adapter set to out of course) and the other end of the cable would go into your hi-fi or a headphone amp. The cable would be either 2 rca plugs on each end ; or 2 rca plugs one end and a 3.5mm stereo jack plug the other end.

If I understand you are expecting to plug your headphones into this adapter I don't think that would give you what you want as the L/R feed is designed to be amped by a hi-fi or av receiver etc.

Using the adapter to connect to your hi-fi would be the quickest test. Or check with your tv specs to make sure the tv scart puts out a stereo signal first before spending on cables, amps etc.

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