How can I test a HDMI connection in comet?

richard plumb

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Jan 27, 2002
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I have my shortlist:

JVC 32/37 DS6
Toshiba 32/37 WLT58

I'm happy with the look of both, but the Toshiba is slightly more appealing due to the 2xHDMI.

However, reviews of the WLT56 mentioned noise over the HDMI input - dot crawl, colour banding etc. I'm concerned with the 58 being announced at almost the same time, that they'll be the same/similar electronics behind them.

People haven't had the 58's for long enough to do proper tests, and there are no reviews out yet - and money is burning a hole in my pocket (plus I'd like to have in mounted and tidied up before Xbox 360 comes out)

So is there a way to test the HDMI for myself? Other than getting the guy in comet to connect up their HD demo - its too far away from the Tosh stand. Would an upscaling DVD player be a good test, or would it really need to be 'proper' HD?

Any suggestions?
A good upscaling DVD player should work just fine. But it may be wise to be familiar with the upscaled source material so that you could differentiate any source artifacts with those generated by the display itself. TBH, a good source upscaled should however not cause any issues but it has been known for some sources to have problems with some displays which is why I always recommend that prior to purchasing a display or source that it is actually tested as a pair.
Get them to plug an HDMI DVD player in for you. If they can't be bothered to do that they don't deserve the sale. It's not like a DVD player is big, heavy and awkward to move!
fordster said:
Get them to plug an HDMI DVD player in for you. If they can't be bothered to do that they don't deserve the sale. It's not like a DVD player is big, heavy and awkward to move!

TBH, they probably aren't getting the sale anyway - well maybe if they pricematch their website, but then extended warranties are pricey.

BTW, how would I notice these HDMI artifacts? Would it be obvious when looking closely? Anyone had any experience with other sets?
A few people talk about macroblocking issues affecting some upscaling DVD players when paired with some displays but often confuse it with poor quality/too much compression on the DVD itself that would affect any pairing. So this would be one example where the problem is with the source material rather than the diaplay and may possibly be highlighted more by a decent display than one now showing so much detail.
the HDMI noise was reported by a few mag reviews linked to from here. I think they were using a DVHS deck and switching between component and HDMI (or DVI?) Component was reported as being fantastic, but HDMI was a drop in quality - this was odd to me as you'd think HDMI would be the best connection. Its also concerning if Sky HD and bluray will use that connector.

This is the one thing I need to check off before being able to make a decision what to get
A lot of it depends on the quality of the player they are using. A cheap DVD player with HDMI will not be a match for a better player with component (or HDMI obviously). A lot of companies fee they have to feature HDMI but can't charge too much so they put in a cheap solution just to tick the box.

As for extended warranties get yourself a Nationwide credit card. They offer an additional 1 year warranty for free when you pay with the card. When you ring up to register they then offer you a longer warranty period (5 years I think) for a lot less than anybody else.
None, it's a standard VISA card. It's also great if you go abroad as they don't charge commission for foreign transactions unlike most companies (and they give you the commercial exchange rate not the crappy tourist rate). And no, I don't work for Nationwide! I've not had to use the extended warranties that I've taken out so obviously can't comment on the quality of that service but they use authorised repairers the same as you'd get from anywhere else.

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