How can I tell if my TV has "ARC" or "HDMI control"?

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I just purchased a Yamaha 671 AV receiver.

I have connected that to my TV but am struggling with the HDMI management.
The instructions booklet of the Yamaha says that I should connect to the TV using different method depending on whether the TV is equipped with ARC (Audio Return Channel) or HDMI control... How can I tell if my TV is equipped with either of these?

The TV is a Panasonic TH-46PZ80



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Does your TV's manual say which version of HDMI it has? If it has HDMI v1.4 then you'll definitely have both.
The HDMI port on the TV usually says ARC on it too.


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If you had ARC it would say so next to one of the ports. No idea about the other


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Your HDMI version is 1.3, it's on page 46 of the full users manual so it does not support ARC.
The Viera link is Panasonic's name for control functions through HDMI, controls off/on volume etc. from one remote. Have a look here under CEC

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