How can I solve my Logitech's built-in mic feedback BIG prob?????



My webcam has a built-in microphone. It's a Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000, the one which was aggressively marketed in 2004/5. Logitech told me to test my Logitech mic using Windows Sound Recorder, since I reported to them about awful feedback, which I've been unable to solve since I bought this piece of expensive schlock in January '05. My soundcard is a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 PCI. Logitech tech support (lol) informed me that if I could hear clearly my voice, after recording in WSR, then my webcam's audio is working properly, according to them, and that I should therefore contact other sources which my webcam works with. I guess they're referring to my soundcard, therefore.

OK, so this means there's some sort of a clash between my webcam and
soundcard. I've tried adjusting the slide bar for playback volume, and
recording volume in the webcam's own settings, and then test the
settings as prompted by the webcam's software, but there's still awful
feedback.....it's like a deafening reverberation, so if I say "HELLO"
for example, it goes "HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO, etc. etc. etc." into an awful cocophany. I hear the feedback from my side, and all my Yahoo IM friends experience this, too.

I don't want to have to call the expensive tech people at Creative. They're also likely to be morons. What should I now try adjusting in my soundcard taskbar?

Anyone else have probs with their built-in mics on their webcams? What's the point of paying for a webcam which boasts about its built-in mic, but it nevertheless doesn't work with soundcards, that's the $54,000 question I keep asking myself.

Please advise me on what to do. Is the only solution for me to buy a separate mic with headset? (Shame on you, Logitech :mad:.) If yes, how do I disable my Logitech's built-in mic? And what settings changes would I then need to make to either my Logitech webcam or soundcard?

It just doesn't make sense. My friend has a cheap 30 bucks Creative,
with perfect audio, and I have this expensive Logitech which sucks at
audio. Wtf? :thumbsdow

:lease: Please advise asap. I'm about to burn my webcam.

RS :rolleyes:
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