How can I reduce the noise of a Barco BD808 ?




I am a french newbie on that forum. Excuse my poor english !

The question is in the title.

There are 3 120 mm fans NMB 4710NL-04W-B30 inside on the rear and one little fan (?) on the front.

NMB characteristics :
12 V
80 CFM (=140 m3/h)
pression 0.12
2050 rpm
35 dBA

Papst fans with similar characteristics don't seem to be more silent than the original ones.

I know that at Henry's website they make modifications to make Barco be more silent but I don't know what it consist of.
Thank you for your help. :blush:


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I would email Henry, I have the fan mod but can't say how good it is since I had the mod from new.


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Unfortunately, i can tell you Henry's answer about this one, i asked him already and his answer is:
"Sorry, I cannot tell you this mod because it's been 3 weeks of searching and 1000£ investing, i hope you'll understand. I'm just protecting my business."

I can understand this.

I did some searching and found someone who actually modded his 808s.
This is what he wrote me: "Put 2 diodes (N4002) in series with each fan at the rear end, so they turn slower. It is still enough for home use, and the speed regulation still can turn them higher."

I never found the 808s to be too loud but i got the question very often so i started looking for an answer.
I didn't try this mod myself and i'm not planning to because as I said before, i have no problem with the 808(s) this is at your own risk...




Thank you for your replies.

I saw on my first post that Henry's website address is no more censored ! Thank you to the moderators ???

I think I will try to change the NMB fans for PAPST Variofan with sensors. When it will work, I will post the results.

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