How can I make GUI to control a HCPC for computer morons?



My mum is rather inept at dealing with technology so I have to devise some way of making a GUI which will allow her to play/record/view record media in a very easy way. What would be the best way to achieve it?

Currenlty I am thinking of creating a custom desktop with shortcuts to the programs she is likely to need. Is there a better way to do this?
sorry HCPC post. Sky + does not qualify. i am looking at myHTPC. is this good?
I just downloaded it today, looks OK, and it's free. You can download Showshifter for free for 15days as well. I'm trying to decide which one I like best. There's loads of posts on these.

The nebula digitv card uses a remote control, and has a tivo-like feel (although it's not as good).
yeah get myHTPC it is really customizable and some time this year myHTPC2 (aka: meedio) will be released :)
I like xlobby myself, integrates very well with Theatertek,winamp and DVD profiler.

I have had a look at quite a few front ends and I have come to the conclusion that MyHTPC is about the best people who have other non techy type people using there system.

It is easy to set up and easy to use for others. That is all you want from a front end. Besides that it is easy to integrate remote control(girder/irman) and TheaterTek or what ever you use.

A lot of developers put fancy features on these front ends that A) you dont need and B)Are a pain in the butt to setup.

Take DVDLobby and its cronies a macro language that sucks(and that coming from a Access Sql developer) and is very finnicky.

Just remember all you are using it for is to LAUNCH the stuff that plays you musc, dvd's and do whatever else. You have to mess around with HTPC enough without adding extra software that you have to pratt about with. Make it simple

Have you had a look at Microsoft Windows XP Media Centre Edition?

It is well friendly... assuming you have legal access to the code.

It frightens me to think where M$ will go now.... I hope they dont buy Tivo... that would be the end!!

I 2nd myHTPC - it's so simple that it's easier to for the end user to use than my VCR.

I too want a HTPC that looks nothing like a PC when it's being used. a Kiss (ethernet attached) DVD player then!

It does all you would really want, ripped DVD's, MP3, DIVX etc etc plus your digi photos too... all over ethernet from your PC.

It really does take some beating in the wife/user friendly stakes.


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