How can I make Freeview telly + VCR *easy*?



I recently got my dad a freeview tv - it was a lot more costly than getting
a tv + freeview box, but it meant only one remote. Since he has Alzheimer's,
this was crucial. I now want to add a VCR, and was wondering if there was a
way to make it record what's coming thru' the telly's tuner rather than its
own, and, more broadly, what's the best way to set it up to make it
operationally as simple and foolproof as possible. I don't think my dad's up
to 'select av' or 'line in' or anything like that...

An absultely best case scenario would be:

He can watch tv whenever he wants to, as normal, whether or not VCR is
turned on.
If he wants to play a video, he can just press play and the video will play.
When it gets to the end/he presses 'stop', the picture reverts to the
telly - whatever channel the tv is set to
If he wants to record the rugby, he just presses 'record' on the vcr and it
records. No effect on the picture he's watching. When he presses 'stop', it
stops recording, again without affecting his telly watching.

I'm not worried about recording other channels or anything like that.

Does this sound possible? If so, how should I wire the things up to make it


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I think you're going to struggle to get it that easy.

Have you considered instead, a PVR? He may find this a LOT easier to use for "recording the rugby" than a tape-based solution.


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Maybe one of those programmable remotes would do what you want. I mean the expensive ones unfortunately - the cheap ones which just control lots of things are even more confusing than a pile of separate remotes.

What you need to be able to do is assign a single key press to do a sequence of actions involving more than one device.


Thanks for responses. Much appreciated. I did think about a hard-drive - that would make a lot of sense. Unfortunately he has loads of old videos he wants to be able to play. I think I'll just wire it all up and see how it goes. Wish me luck! And thanks again.


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If the TV is able to output from one of the scarts (most can) then you will be able to set it up as simply as you want it to be.

Find out from the manual if any of the scarts output and get back to me (us).


Many thanks for that. Gets mor & more intriging! This ki nd of tallies with a response on, which say among other things:

"Most recent Freeview Sony TV's have settings on the menu to control
what is sent out from Scart socket 2.
To achive what you want, you will need to connect the VCR to scart 2
and set the output from that socket to "monotor" whatever is on the TV

I haven't got the book to hand (it's at my dad's) but a google has discovered:

"Scart 1

Scart 2
YES (Smartlink)"

I guess if it's 'smart', it'll be smart enough to set to 'monitor'? (Will it be exactly that? I find something on menu 'setup' or similar that lets me set options for Scart 2, and I slect option 'monitor', and that's that?)

Thanks again.

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