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How can I hide these cables - Photo attached


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This is my issue.

My power socket and coax cable is too the right of the TV.

The wall is an internal plasterboard wall with studs. Between the power socket and the hole I need them to come out of, there is a no doubt a stud.

How can I get the cable from the sockets to the hole without them being viable? I had planned to drill a hole below the power socket and get the cables from there to the hole under the sonos bar, however I've only just thought about the stud in the wall.

Trunking etc is not an option as the wife hates it

Photo for reference



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As you can tell from the responses you don't have any options :)

If you don't want too much work I'd say even though the wife hates it, use trunking. You could just put a white piece on the skirt (check out decorative trunking), run the cables down into that, along the trunk and back up. I'm assuming the less trunking used the better.

More work (a lot) would be to pull the skirt and make a channel behind that to run the cables, again you hide the horizontal run but the vertical runs are just bare cable and it would be a pita to repair or remove compared to trunking.

Or Cut larger hole than you need so you can get in there and drill through the stud and then patch it back up and fix the plastering.

I can't see what else you could do unless you have the option to go through the wall completely and run it behind somehow.

Monty Nine

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Use this for the vertical bit.



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1) Cut a square of plasterboard away across the stud, a couple of inches either side and 2-3 inches high. Then chisel out a bit of the stud to feed your cables past, screw the plasterboard back on, fill & repaint. I'd strongly suggest an oscillating tool rather than a hacksaw, it's so much quicker and neater, which makes it easier to put back.

2) You can get "flexible drive shafts" for your drill, search at the usual places. Then use it to drill through the stud (use an auger bit rather than a spade bit, because you want it to dig it's way through). 15-25mm will allow heaps of cable. Getting the drill to line up & sit in the right place 30-60cm into the wall is the hard bit - the ones with the larger heads and bumpers make that easier. If the stud wall is insulated you'll have Extra Fun™, I've found it tends to jam around the bit. Worst case you end up back at (1) though.

Good luck :)

Joe Fernand

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I'd remove the two shelf 'unit' from below the TV/Soundbar and put a small rack/cabinet in the corner sitting in front of the sockets.


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And I'd also swap the straight "F" connectors for 90 degree versions to get the cables closer to the wall.



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