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Can anybody help me with a problem?

I am currently planning the AV for my new house and I can’t work out how to solve one problem. I like to listen to the radio commentary whilst watching the football and cricket so I want to get the 5 Live audio alongside the Sky picture.

This didn’t used to be a problem. I have a DAB receiver and would play 5 Live thru the speakers with the TV tuned to Sky. We have now moved to Shetland and there is no DAB. Internet radio works OK generally but won’t do for this as the time delay is too great.

The problem breaks down into two parts. Firstly, I would like to get the Radio 5 commentary through my stereo system (i.e. thru the amp) next to the TV in the living room. The source for this might have to be the audio output from a Freesat box. The Freesat box will probably be in a comms room so I need to get a connection between the Freesat box in one room and the stereo amp in the living room. It’s a new build so would the simplest answer be to build in a phono cable between the two locations?

Secondly, I would like to be able to get the audio in one of several other rooms. Internet radio is an option here as this will be audio only but I am thinking that something like the Rocketfish wireless speakers might be a better idea.

A final question. If I want to feed the audio output from a Freesat box to the stereo amp and to the Rocketfish wireless sender, is there some sort of audio splitter available?

All advice gratefully received!

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