Question How can I clear NU8070 Smart Hub recommended video list for YouTube app.


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I'm trying to find a way of clearing the recommended videos that are displayed in the Smart Hub when you "hover" over the YouTube app before actually selecting it.

I've had the same list of videos shown there ever since I bought the TV about two years ago and what really annoys me is that they have no connection at all with anything I'm interested in or have ever watched on YouTube.
Even more annoying is that one of the recommended videos is about Harriet Harman, someone who is not one of my favourite people (to put it politely!).

I tried uninstalling and re-installing the YouTube app but that made no difference. Then I tried resetting the Smart Hub. That appeared to work and cleared all of the recommended videos, but they came back again a couple of days later exactly as they were before.

Any ideas please? It's really annoying me!

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