how can i buy apps when phone has no space left?


i'm away from home at the moment and want to buy driver for 59p (along with some other reduced games), but my phone is full of other apps and music

i'm in no rush to have the game now, rather than at the end of the week, but i'm not sure if the price will go back up. the phone isn't synched to my laptop, but to my home pc

is there a way i can buy an app and sync it when i get home, or is there a way you can delete music from the iphone to make space so i can download it here?

i'm not sure how the gifting thing works, if i can buy on the laptop and gift to myself to get later


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Is there not another app you have installed that you could delete to free up some space until you get back home?


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1. Install itunes on the laptop, authorise it and then login with your apple id.
2. Buy the apps that are needed.
3. Put the bought apps on to a memory stick and transfer back to main computer when you get home.
4. Double click each app you have bought and if done legally they will install into itunes automatically.


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Might be stating the obvious but I presume there is no-one else at home who could download it for you.

If not as suggested above just delete something you don't use very often to make space - you can download anything you have bought previously for free from the app store or restore it via the home pc later:smashin:


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Or PM me your iTunes account address and I'll gift it to you today. Think of it as a thank you for modding AVF :)


i finally manged to delete enough apps to get it on. and then i realised i had about 1gb of pdf files on ibooks so later on i'll try that get one or two more

no-one else at home, and the pc i access remotely isn't the one i use with itunes to sync, otherwise i would have done that. i've not got to grips with the itunes home networking sharing thing. itunes is relatively new to me, i've just used the basic features to irregularly update my old iphone, i'm getting more used to it as i recently got an ipod classic, i couldn't get the iphone remote to work either, but i noticed another thread on it

thanks every!:thumbsup:

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