How can I add just a sub-woofer?


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Have a newish TV (Panasonic TX32PS5 Dolby) and the Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD Recorder. Although the TV has external centre & rear left/right speakers the sub and left/right are in built.

Not sure if the built in sub is just too weak/quiet or not working, will suss that this weekend.

What I don't know is whether I can connect a sub-woofer for DVD viewing. I use the optical out from the DVD to the TV optical in, so wondered if it could be split into 2 and feed a sub via some magic box of tricks (supplied with sub-woofers?).

Perhaps it's a daft question but I'm too ignorant on the subject to know that!


Ian J

Your TV is supposed to provide everything that you need and whilst there appears to be provision for external left and right speakers there is no provision for an external subwoofer.


Does it not have a Pre-Out for a subwoofer?


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No it's as Ian J says, the TV is supposed to provide it all.

At present the TV only has LOW/MED/FULL settings for the sub and to be honest I can't hear any difference. If the sub has been faulty since I had the TV (Nov 2003) the shop will replace it with one from stock. Will be visiting the shop to see if the audio tests on a THX DVD work on the shop tv sub-woofer since it's silent on mine.

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