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Question How big subwoofer should I get for a small sound/cinema room?

What subwoofer will you suggest for the described purpose in the small room.

  • Sunfire HRS-10

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  • Sunfire HRS-12

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I have a very small room for sound and home cinema only at 16,5 square meters. Because of small space in the room I want a small sub. My first priority is that it's good at music, but in addition It would be great if I could feel some vibrations in the room while used with movies.
I have considered the Sunfire HRS-10 which should be more than large enough for the room initially. They say it fits for rooms up to 37 square meters. However, when reading the reviews I can see that its mentioned that you can really feel the vibrations with Sunfire HRS-12. That is not mentioned about the HRS-10. I wonder, will it be a problem with the sound using the HRS-12 in such a small room. Will people suggest HRS-10 or HRS-12. Or will you rather suggest another quite compact subwoofer for the described use?


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What is your budget?

How big can the subwoofer be?

Are you in a detached house / semi-detached house / apartment?

How loud do you listen? (Reference level? -10? -20?)

How low do you want the subwoofer to go?


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The size should not be much larger then the HRS-12 which is a 343 mm cube. Actually as small as possible. It could live with something like the Martin Logan Dynamo 1000w if it gives me an incredible result compare to the others (393 x 348 x 364), but it is larger then I like :)

Budget is around 10 000,- Nok included shipping. I am willing to pay more if I get an outstanding total result. I can get the HRS-12 for less then 9000,- Nok locally on offer.

I am in a detached house. I don't care about the sound outside the room at all.

I don't know these reference levels, but for music sometimes I listen as loud as I can without hurting my ears :)

I believe it would be deep enough that the sub goes down to 20 - 24 Hz. Off course the lower the better, but it's a compromies of all criterias.

Please also remember this is a very small room as I mentioned in the initial post. It's is also quite low (2,05m), but the whole roof is made from absorption material with thick isolation behind which should help.

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