How big is the upgrade to open back headphones (SHP9600)? Suggestions for first cheap open back headphones?


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I have freebuds pro which i use most of the times. Now I want a pair of headphones that really elevate the experience which ill mostly be using at home for songs and gaming. I've had Sennheiser hd440, Soundcore Q30 and most recently Hyper X stinger. They were all decent and yes I could appreciate the strengths of one over the other. But after using for any pair, they would feel normal. I used sony wh1000xm3 for some time and honestly when i compared it with my q30 they werent mind blowing. just a tiny upgrade.

But now im thinking of buying SHP9600. they're not that expensive and they look decent, and most importantly, they dont need an amp, probably wont make my ears sweat (its over 109F here) and i'm thinking their wide soundstage might get me some good 3D audio for gaming and movies. so i am wondering, will i be able to really appreciate them over your typical closed back headphone, Are they like a little bit better here and there or are they like "you'll never go closed back again". Do you have any other suggestions?


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I think the SHP9600 is as good a starting point as any. It's unlikely you'll have the ehrmagard I'm never going back moment but they should give you an insight into the added openness from open back headphones. And if you decide you don't like them then at least they are a good reference point to guide you towards what you might prefer more.

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