How big a TV with should I go at this distance?


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I've been thinking about getting a Samsung Q70A.

My reasons for considering it are I'd like a tv that can double as a computer monitor for photo editing/viewing as well as video. I'd really like to see my high resolution photos extra large sized. From the reviews it doesn't have blooming issues, and it has great contrast for something without local dimming. I don't really care a lot about HDR+. I'd go for the S95B if it weren't for oled not being very suitable for still images and the 2 minute screensaver it forces to activate for stills. I was tempted by 'The Frame' for a bit actually, think I'll get more for less with just a standard thin model. I am stuck getting a Samsung as I have a card for Samung w/financing.

So, this all out of the way, I can afford the 85", my budget is around 3,000 and this would be 2,000, but should I get it? I'd only be 7 1/2" feet away it about, in a fairly empty 12' x 9 1/2' room. I get the feeling it's a bit too much. 75"-65" looks more reasonable. 75" more immersive, 65" more reasonably sized on the wall. I am wondering at what distance would I start noticing pixelization at larger sizes at that distance with a 4k panel, can anyone chime in?


At your distance you won't have to worry about screen door effect, even on an 85".
HDR in video and HDR in photography are two very different things. TV's like the Q70A are plenty for SDR video, but don't make the cut if you use HDR.

For your use Q70A is probably more than ok.
Frame is just a Q70A in a different guise.

In the US you can often find deals on high end TCL and Hisense TVs for less than mid-range options from Korean or Japanese brands, I'd personally look at those instead.

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