How best to work with a ‘smart’ TV?


In anticipation of another lockdown and a minimal Christmas, I replaced a Sony STR-DN1040 and Sony 40HX803 with a LG OLED55CX and Denon AVR2700H.

I am hugely impressed by the superior (indeed jaw-dropping) picture quality on the LG and the increase in texture, detail and spacing from the Denon.


HDMI-CEC is a nightmare. As I’ve posted elsewhere, the LG wets the bed when turned on in the morning, forcing the Denon to cycle through inputs. Several restarts of the amp later, and I can finally get the telly to detect the Virgin V6.

I’ve read that turning off Quick Start + *may* fix this problem but the LG labels the current input as, say, ‘Apple TV’, or ‘blu-ray’ even though the input is actually the V6, and forces the receiver to one of those inputs when coming off one of its smart apps. Add to that the fact that the Home dashboard features and the ability to control the V6 using the Magic Remote depend on direct connections to the telly...

Which leads to my question: I know the orthodoxy is that everything should be piped through the receiver, but do ‘smart TVs’ necessitate direct inputs, especially with the arrival of eARC?

Forgive me if this has been discussed to death. The Denon and LG are my first adventure in advanced AV in over a decade. I’m kind of amazed the standards and interoperability haven’t seemingly improved in that time.

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