How best to mount my PDP433HDE Pioneer plasma?


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Hi All :thumbsup:

I have my Pioneer PDP433HDE Plasma which I've had for around 3 years and up until now I've always had it on the stand which comes with it.

However, I've just recently moved house (Brand new house) and there is an ideal wall in which it would look really nice. My only problem being that it's an internal wall which backs on to the kitchen so there is no block or bricks to secure it to.

I'm VERY nervous about hanging this on the wall and the TV isn't exactly light (are newer models much lighter?)

Any suggestions VERY much appreciated. :)

PS I purchased the slimline universal mount from AVSales


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Is this a DIY question ?


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As long as you can find a joist with at least a couple of your screws you should be fine. If you know where you want to hang it use a stud detector to locate the studs general area and then use a small screwdriver to pierce the plasterboard to make sure you hit the joist properly. Repeat this for the bracket mount below. If you have another joist at the other end of the bracket then try your best to hit that too.

Any mount that isn't into a joist use heavy load plaster board fittings, as many as possible. If you are really worried use a good bead of no more nails type stuff between the bracket and the wall.

You wont have any troubles hanging in this way. Think of your wall mounted kitchen cupdoards, they have a fair bit of weight in and are hung in the same way.

No guarantees but you could hang on to just plasterboard this way!

Hope that helps



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Many thanks Dave. I needed a bit of a confidence boost that it would be OK. I'll give it a try later and report back.

Thanks :thumbsup:


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John Langton

Or you can also do what I did mate. Check out my thread and standby for an explanation. Ok here it goes and this was for a 50" plasma so your will be fine even if you dont do it this way I would think.

I have the same kind of wall as you. As mentioned there are panels of wood going from top to bottom of your wall called sudding ur beading as I knew it. I think they are approx 1 foot apart get a stud detector and mark it out. If you look close enough you will be able to find them with out it just look for the raised circles were the nail heads have moved a little on the plaster. Anyhow mark them up with pencil so you get an idea of where they are.

Then I took a piece of wood which was bigger than the wall mount frame about 1/2 inch thick and screwed that onto the wall. Then the wall mount was bolted onto this and also through the wall. Now threason for the wood is that it spreads the loads of the 6 or so bolts that you are going to use on the wall mount.

Hopefuly I made sense

Good luck and no plasma deserves to be left on a table mount :(



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Many thanks John. I must admit to getting a little concerned as to whether I would be able to hang it or not on these types of walls but I feel much better now. Thank you!

LV426 Sorry, I missed the DIY category otherwise I would have posted there originally :oops:

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