How bad are the blacks on say a Panasonic AE300 LCD ?


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I thought I would post this in here and in the CRT projector forum, I expect 2 very different answers.

Any crt owners have any experience with say the panasonic AE300 or AE500 ??

I am more than happy with my NEC XG750 8" crt, the picture is stunning, however I am very wary of using it alot for everyday TV viewing with ambient light and whilst playing games.
I have the contrast and brightness right down whilst playing games to the point where any ambient light ruins the experience.

Also it is a bit of a pain as my daughter is now nine and wants to use the room for games and films/cartoons and I wont let her in on her own as I dont want to come home to Nickolodean burnt across the tubes, so I am thinking that maybe a panasoinc lcd (or a dlp from someone) may be ideal.

I could leave the CRT in place for serious viewing and use the digital for everyday use and gaming.

Will I be impressed with the results from one of these little digitals or will I feel sick at spending the money compared with a CRT ???

I had a Plus up880 DLP modded with a contrast of around 800:1 (slightly better than the AE100 when demoed against it) which I thought was pretty good until I got the crt, so how does the 300 and 500 compare to this ??


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Hi mate. Glad to hear you're happy with my old XG. I got a 300 yesterday. I watched a couple of films last night with minimal tweaking and the picture was superb. Not much (if any) worse than your old Sony VPH1271 (which I'll probably sell now).



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yes, the picture is better than i thought it would be and blacks are good enough, i set up my boys gamecube in about 5 mins, no long cable run (put it back in his room afterwards) and AE300 has scart connection which is useful.
Only reason i am selling mine is it has to be quite close to the screen and i want to put in on back wall. cheers


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I've not seen CRTs or DLP projectors, so I can't compare. The AE300 (I own one) blacks are not black, but this is true of all LCD PJs. IMO, they are good enough though! Not a problem for me at all.


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thanks for the replies, and yeah really enjoying the XG still Kenny :)

Have you go yours advertised yet Cyrus, I will have a look through the classifieds for it.


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yes, it has only 10hrs use and no dead pixels and you are welcome to demo it, but i cannot transfer warranty.
AE300 seems to have low failure rate.


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I wouldnt be interested without warranty to be honest.
thanks anyway.

Kenny, how does the sharpness compare ???

And has anyone seen the 300 vs the 500 is there a big jump in black level ??


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blacks are awfull on LCD. once i demoed a (good) DLP i could not except LCD. contrast just isnt good enough either. but i accept there cheaper so its a trade off.


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I may just give it another year and see what the next gen dlp are like, my mate was round last night who has a Sony HS10 ?? I think it is and he kept going on about the picture quality on the CRT, and I was sitting there thinking everything looked washed out compared with dvd and D-vhs (we were watching sky) so I really dont think I am going to be happy with an LCD.
I am going to go round his and see what the sony can do and make a decision from there.

I dont know whether I want another DLP as there are so tiring/fatiquing to watch, I didn't realise until I got my CRT that the DLP actually wore me out watching it, I thought that my eyes felt slightly strained because it was a big screen and I was sitting in the dark. If I watched it for 3+ hours I would get slight headaches, and when I got the CRT and realised that I could sit and watch that for 8+ hours I realised that I was obviously working to watch the DLP. My wife and daughter both say the same, and a couple of mates too, none of us saw rainbows either.

Thanks for the input all guys.

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