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how adjustable is "adjustable x-over" in Marantz 4500?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by cribeiro, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. cribeiro

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    Nov 2, 2002
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    Hi fellows!
    Some history you can skip:
    As usual, it is taking a loooong time to decide. I am now into the research thing, looking models, comparing prices, etc. I started a thread and I ended up with the two following options: Denon 1905 for an economic solution, Marantz 5400 for a little more, and better performance.
    My requests are: pre-outs, adjustable crossover and blue display and buttons. Some red is also allowed.
    The problem is that I want adjustable cross over, since I have bookshelf speakers that go down to 60 Hz. My idea is to set the x-over at that point, and get everything below sent to the sub. But the Marantz 5400 doesn't have that possibility, so I was really going for the Denon. Luckily enough, I found the Marantz 4500 does have it.

    And now comes the question: at which values can I set the crossover of the Marantz 4500? As I said in the long intro, I want to set it at 60 Hz.
    Well, additionally I would ask if you think it performs better than the Denon 1905...
    Thank you!

    EDIT: I have just found that the 5500 has the following x-over positions: 80, 100, 120. I guess the 4500 is the same? Pity...
    In addition: do you know if the Pioneer 814 has adjustable x-overs? I know it looses in performance, but at least it would have everything else... Anyway, my biggest concern is stereo, and for that I have my Azur 640+Castle Richmond 3i. That won't change.

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