How about my design...?


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I'm a newbie to this forum, not an audioholic, but someone who's addicted to sound... :)

Here's a simple sketch of my own subwoofer enclosure design, a mere combination of the bandpass and the transmission line... I planned the design theoretically to work-out with any driver size...

Here, I center my sub into a 10" x 10" board (that's driver size + 2") and position in the middle of the enclosure, seperating two 10" x 10" x 10" rooms... Then, the port comes, a 1" high (fixed, no matter what the driver size is) and 10" wide (the same width the room takes, so for the port, it's not the height, but the width increases/decreases as the driver size gets larger/smaller)... :smashin:

At the runtime, primarily, air comes out of the front (the cone) and the back (the magnet) of the driver moves freely inside the rooms (this is what I call "free motion"), secondarily, air gets pressure as going through the port, considering the shape of the port, as you see, the back air takes an S shaped turn and the front air takes a U shaped turn (this is what I call "compression"'), and finally comes out of the port hole... :thumbsup:

That's it... Looks a bit awkward...? :confused:

Anyway, I'd be thankful to you in a plenty, if you please let me know whether my design is right or wrong... Thanks... :)


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Oops...! I forgot to upload the image, but this forum doesn't let me edit a post showing a spam error, so I'm sending the image as a reply...


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