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RIght I live in a large Georgian style house which has been converted into 5 separate flats,2 on the ground 2 on the first floor and one in a loft conversion.

I live on the first floor and it's really starting to become very intrusive having a flat above because none of the floors a solid there just wooden with no sound insulating or anything so you can hear every time the guy walks round,every door he closes and when he talks

To add to this he comes home from work at 12am every night then obv he does whatever he has to do which I can hear or sometimes there's a women there during the evening and she seems to be quite heavy footed, a few weeks back she decided to vacuum at 11:30pm

A fine example of the lack of sound insulation ect is I have heard a phone vibrating and started to look around thinking it was mine but then realised it was the guys phone upstairs!

When I first moved in I made a complaint to the housing about being able to hear the flat above then he actually went quiet but then I realised it isn't actually his fault It's the stupid idea of having a flat in the loft

It's a housing association building and I'm considering making some sort of complaint as it is ridiculous so I was wondering what kind of regulations are there for this kind of situation because being able to hear your neighbours every move surely isn't right, I work shifts and sometimes have to be up at 2-3am

I have tried ear plugs but it isn't just the sound , you can physically feel them walking above sometimes as its just a wooden building so all that's dividing us is the wooden floors

Any kind of advice would be appreciated
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Had the exact same problem where I live at the moment. We're moving to a new flat in a few days which is top floor :)

Unfortunately there's not much you can do apart from tell your neighbour and hope they're considerate.

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I suggest you check if your neighbours have the same problem, if they have then all of you could put in a joint complaint to the housing association. It sounds like there needs to be sound insulation in the gap between the floorboards and the ceiling.


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How would i word it to the housing as im not complaining about the upstairs tenant im complaining about the lack of noise insulation and it effecting my sleep ect

I dont want them to simply fob me off

I was told when i first complained about the noise coming from upstairs that we went allowed to have just wooden floors we have to have carpet so i no there are things in place

Kara Win

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I agree with Duncan, ask the other tenants, the people on the top floor probably wont have as much of an issue but the others should have noticed. If it's written from everybody it's not a complaint. You shouldn't be able to hear someone's phone vibrate but I suspect your upstairs neighbour will always be a problem because he works different hours to you. I do think people should have some consideration though with things like vacuuming at 11.30, that's just common sense.
Start by asking around, maybe put a note up in the communal hall or wherever and then write asking if anything can be done.
Good luck.

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