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    Well my beloved wife is fed up with all my equipment(no not that one lol) I have a 42" on the wall with a plastic cable cable cover, approx 6" wide which runs down the wall to the tv stand. All my equipment is on a three tier ikea glass tv stand. The problem is my beloved does not like looking at it any more, she whats it hidden. The problem is I have a turntable, sky HD box, nintendo wii, Xbox 360,a Sony bdv e870, PS3, a Phillips VHS and even a pioneer laserdisc.
    So you can imagine the discussions we have about de cluttering!!!!!!
    Has anybody got any suggestions? I think I remember once that you can get a neat stack cabinet that has enough air movement, but i cant have it not directly under the tv. I know tech has jumped in leaps and bounds, but due to children been out of the loop for a few years! Grrrrr. Love them though.
    Please please please help
    As I keep on getting that look (you know what I mean) lol:lease:

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