Housekeeping tips for Plasmas Please


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Reading through all of the threads it is clear that there are a lot of experienced folks out there that have either been around Plasmas for a long time or work in the industry.

I have recently set up my Panny 5 and love it to bits. However I am scared to death of screen burn and am a little paranoid about Sky transmissions, DVD movies with black bars top and bottom etc, etc as it is now the familys main TV.

I think this board would benefit from a thread (this one) giving tips to new Plasma owners on how to care for their Plasma and use the screen savers correctly to prolong the screen life.

Especially would be good to hear from those industry professionals that use their Plasmas at trade fairs etc, etc as they would be exposed to considerable wear and tear.

So lets hear em, I am sure a lot of folks would benefit.



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A good idea.

Another thought is clean screening. I cleanmy CRT screen from time to time with a glass cleaner. What about Plasma screens?


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I also use the same products as I used on my TV, so far so good.


As a new Panny5 owner, I too now use this as the main TV in our house. My biggest worry is 'screen burn'. I have read the manual, various threads etc, but still I dont know how long a logo etc can remain on the screen before the burn happens, so any ballpark figures would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello all

Just a quick note re physically cleaning your display - please read your instructions carefully; most displays have a 'semi-liquid' anti glare coating and you should not use anything more than a damp cloth to clean the screen surface or you risk damaging this top coating.

Again - REFER TO YOUR USER MANUAL for guidance before you use anything stronger than water.

Best regards


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2 points..easy one first. I use a damp warm chamois for cleaning the screen, nothing more. It keeps it in top condition and you don't interfere with the coating (slighty restive 'matt' feel) if you know what I mean.

As for screen burn. Well I am sitting here using my screen as my PC monitor and sometimes do so for anything up to 3 or 4 hours at a time when working from home. I've even spent more than a few hours trawling this site at times (sad but true) and the fixed framing and constant images such as the "Welcome to the AV forums" top right would put any screen to the test!

I've yet to come across any 'burn issues' by simply following the manufactures advise, i.e after a period of static image return to TV mode and leave for a while.

In both instances I've simply followed manufacturers guidance and after all they should know best...shouldn't they??;)


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Thanks to all, this is exactly the sort of topics that need to be raised in a thread like this.

How about the following

Cable tidys
Power surges

etc, etc, etc

All opinions greatly received.


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Regarding the power surges : I use a industry standard APC UPS system. I put two of those boxes in (about £50 each) and they keep the systems running for about 30 minutes after a power cut. The reason for putting them in is that sometimes, the power comes on / off/ on / off etc a number of times in a row in a storm, and I do not like that idea that the whole lot goes on and off all the time.

Also, as a side effect, my video loses all the settings every time the mains power fails, at least with the ups in place, I do not have to re-program the lot again.

Regarding cable ties : do not tie high voltage cables together with signal ones, as the magnetic fields of the high voltage ones can cause interference.



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Thanks PVR

See, the voltage thing i did not know and I was going to tie them all together and hide them, this thread will be helpful for folks. i will now isolate the signal cables from the voltage cables.

Thanks again

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