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I hope this is the right place.

Having a house renovated and wondering if I am doing the right thing to leave my options open:

- x 2 TVs
- x1 PC

There is a BT line (nowhere near any of the above) from where the electrician has pulled x3 cables to the above in case we don't want to rely on wifi (never had any issues to watch Netflix but anyway)

My question is : if I want to switch to Virgin fibre and don't want the Virgin man to start making holes in my newly renovated house and put cables everywhere, what do I need to ask the electrician to do ?

Are the cable for Virgin the same type as the ones he has used so far ?

Thank you !

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If it’s just for internet. Then you can run cat6 or even cat7 (pain to terminate properly) from each room to a central “hub” or node. Hook these into a switch or a dum switch. Plug one cable from your switch either direct into virgin hub that also does Wifi or plug that switch instead into a decent WiFi router and then plug your router into the virgin hub. The hub can either act as a WiFi stand alone router or access point for your WiFi router to plug into. (So hubs WiFi is turned off)

If it’s for TV all you will need to do is get your guy to run coax cable again from each room to that point where virgin is going to come into your house from the outside.

So cable from street level to your outside wall box into your inside house wall box. From there cable from that box to a coax splitter which then splits cable one to your broad band virgin hub and cable two to your TiVo box.

If your at an early stage run cat6 to each room. You can always run video over cat6 as well. A lot of options on the table. Just get wired up the best you can.
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I have my virgin cable going from my wall into a coax splitter then into my TiVo box which then goes into my Marantz receiver and that’s sent out via HDMI to two rooms from the receiver.
So I can watch Grand Designs in either room.
No you can’t watch two separate channels from one box. For that you need a multi room setup.

My second cable goes from my coax splitter to my Virgin broad band hub which is in router mode only.
Then one cat6 goes from that into my Netgear Night Hawk x10. I then have various cat7/6s cables either going into switches or POE switches or NAS units etc etc or CCTV cameras. The only place I can’t get WiFi coverage is one corner of the house (my personal thrown room aka loo) and I use a netgear WiFi extender for that area.
Each room is wired up with cat 6. Each TV unit/point has two cat 6 cables for back up.
The only place I forgot to put cat6 is in the loft and garage. Garage has solid WiFi coverage and loft would have been cool to hide away a back up NAS unit or something.

I also have a dish installed outside the house with two coax leads going into the living room and two going into a spare room. I had this for free view but don’t use it any more.
Oh I also forgot to get an electrical point for outside the house in the garden and the front drive. Would have made plugging in the lawnmower and jet wash a lot easier. But I did get water taps put in either end so small blessing.
House renovations/extensions can be stressful so just take your time. Tick off each room to make sure you are covered.
Annnd also forgot a plug in the upstairs hallway But got like 10 put into the kitchen...
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If you do nothing else, run a pair of Cat6 from a central point to each floor and the attic. This at least gives you a backbone that you can build off.
Also think about one or two wireless access points (wired) maybe one on each floor.

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