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Hi all, and thanks for the help your about to give. I know this may have been covered elsewhere, but the more I read, the more I am unclear as how best to achieve what I want.

Situation: I am refurbishing my house and it currently has no Satellite or Digital TV.

Aim: to get FreeSat, Digital TV and Sky Q provision in 2 rooms in the most 'elegant' way

My current understanding:
  1. I need a Satellite with a hybrid LNB and Freeview Arial.
  2. These would connect to a dSCR Multiswitch. Here I am a little confused: my understanding is that the hybrid LNB has 6 cables and there is 1 from the Freeview Arial (7 total).... The dSCR multiswitch' that I have seen all have 5 inputs (4 for Sat and 1 for Freeview). Is there something in between? Or am I totally wrong here?
  3. From the multiswitch I just have 2 cables to each location and the face plates (2 sat and 1 Arial) do the rest. This then enables either FreeSat or Sky Q to be connected at either location.
Is the above workable? Should I be going for a different architecture?

All help welcome.


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Two rooms only is simplest (and most elegant) with separate cables for each function...

$ky dish with $ky hybrid lnb (6 outputs) - two cables to each room to serve Q or freesat PVRs as required... three would allow PVR and TV's own satellite tuner to work. (NB Hybrid lnb is essential for this purpose).

Freeview: Good aerial outside with passive split in waterproof box beneath to the two rooms. If passive splitting not possible (low signal strength location) a remote-powered amplified splitter outside close to aerial instead. {Mains psu for it could be in either room connected to the TV aerial cable}.

Plate with brush strip or if preferred modular sockets in each room.

This will also be the cheapest solution. The one with lowest power consumed and least to go wrong.


Hi and welcome to the forum.
Sky Q gets you a satellite dish and that's all you need.
An aerial would duplicate some channels.
I see no need for any kind of switch.


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Thanks Rodders... Would I need anything between the hybrid LNB and the 2 cables to each room... Does this go through a multiswitch or something?


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No nothing else is needed.

NB $ky will provide a dish and a 2-output lnb for any Q install with no extra charge. These 2-output lnbs no longer work for conventional (freesat) receivers... hence the 'hybrid lnb'. You may be able to get $ky to supply and install one if you are lucky?


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Thanks Rodders, that clarifies a lot. Re-read your first message, I intend to plug directly into the back of the TV in one of the rooms (not sure which yet) so will go with the 3 cables to each room from the hybrid LNB.

It's going to be more "elegant" than I thought.

Logiciel, I want to make sure the wires are hidden where I want them and as I am refurbishing, this is the ideal time. I'm not intending to use sky Q from the off (will use FreeSat only)... So will have to do the dish and cable installations myself.


so will go with the 3 cables to each room from the hybrid LNB.
Don't forget the fourth for terrestrial TV if required.


As you're not having Sky Q get a normal LNB which Sky will replace when needed.

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