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Just moved into my first house, and got some ideas on how I would like things wired up...

In each room;
Seperate TV/Radio outputs
2x Ethernet outputs

Distribution point;
Ethernet router
Patch panel
10/100/1000 Ethernet switch
Wireless Access Point
TV/Radio splitter

New ariel(s)

As a small part of my job includes Cat5/6 cabling & terminating, i'm doing the infrastructure myself. I will need some help on the following though;

I want to split the tv/radio signals into each room from the DP... how would I go about doing this? Will I need seperate ariels and splitters for the TV & radio feeds, or will one of each do the job.

I'm looking at a maximum of 5 rooms, so if I can split the TV/radio feeds though one device, i'm gonna need a 10 port jobbie. If I need seperate splitters, i'm gonna need 2x 5 port jobbies. Any recommendations?

Also, I would like my phones to connect through RJ45 ethernet sockets in the rooms (I can pick up a 305m reel of external grade Cat5e cable for ~£60). Obviously, these need to be connected through the single incoming BT connection I have. Again, what's the best way to accomplish this.

The ariel will need to be able to provide 4+ rooms, each with their own Freeview box... what's a good ariel?

*EDIT* Just had a look on the web, and forgot about DAB, so can you get aerials that support TV/DAB/FM?

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You may want to take a look at something like this:

This (or similar distribution amplifiers) allow you to triplex the signals from TV, FM, DAB ariels and sometimes Sky RF output onto a single coax lead which feeds a triplexing socket, with three outputs.


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You'll need 3 antennas on the roof, 1 each for tv, fm, and dab. They can be multiplexed on the pole and then sent down one cable, or sent down 3 seprate cables to the distribution amp.

The 'loft box' style amp is the best way forward , it will put all three down the coax to the rooms. They usually have a single output which can also have sky LNB feed on it as well, which can be send down a single coax (good quality though) to a special (triplexing) faceplate that extracts all the signals. The RF feed output from Sky and other stuff like VCRs can then be fed back into the distribution amp, so that pictures from the Sky box and the VCR etc, can be seen around the house. They usually come in 4 port of 8 port versions.

As for the telephones, pick up a BT style junction box from CPC ( where you can punchdown all the lines from each socket to the incoming BT.

Obviously do 'home-run' wiring from each socket to a central point.

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If you want to run them all from one central DP location then you could use a CRIS box which offers patch panels, tv distribution (via Loftbox) and telephone distribution all in one flush mounting cabinet.

Have a look at which can supply you all the kit you need, it also has a number of technical articles which could be of use.

Also look at as a specialist forum for this sort of stuff.


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