House of Gucci (Ridley Scott, Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, March 2022, 4K Blu-ray)


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UPC: 7333018021761

Looks like I'll be importing this and Copshop




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Great film , definite buy


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It looks like something I'd lub.

Is there any non-English in it? I don't think there'd be any English subtitles.

That Scandinavian release has the Universal extras ripped out of it which is a shame but I can always pick up the UK Blu-ray when it's dirt cheap.

I've not bought from Scandinavia for years and all my old shops have closed but do deliver to the UK 2 items = €5.60 which is not bad. The listed price is €29.95 but it drops €24.15 when added to basket so looks like they remove VAT so I assume it'll be reapplied later on in the checkout. PayPal is listed. ship to the UK too but they are deadly slow adding titles.

I'd rather spend the money for vanilla discs in the UK but if yer auntie had baws she'd be yer uncle as they say.


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Not ordered this yet heard of some synch issues with audio on the part-Scandinavian release so I'll pass for now. Will wait for some comment on the Italian release. Not sure if I like that Steelbook or not but if I lub the film I will buy the cheaper Blu-ray-only version of the Steelbook. Eventually.

I've ordered Copshop from they also have HOG for £26.00 shipped which I think is pretty good.


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Watched this today thought it was almost a total disaster.

The 'accents' thing taking us back to post World War II war films with "Vee av vays of making you speak" was a killer for me.

Story was all over the place -like Pacino's waistline and accent-, made no sense often and the acting was universally bad.

I liked some of the cast but with all the negatives I have to blame Scott again. This was really just The Last Duel with less makeup.

Great trailer though.

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Whether its garbage or not aside, am I the only one that gets irritated by covers that list the leading stars out of order with how they actually appear on the cover art?


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The missus says she enjoyed this on a girl’s night out at the cinema. Think I’ll keep quiet about it making it to 4K disc!

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