Question House Network Cabling Advice. Cat6, Coax, et al.


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I am hoping you can advise on my cabling conundrum. We're in the process of refurbishing a 1976 Wimpey 4 bed detached. I love tech and, fortunately, manage the household funds. Husband a total technophobe. I'd like to create a Node 0. He's not keen on a cinema room, but says he'd be ok with a soundbar in the lounge. He'd like great audio in the study (iTunes). I'd like great video and audio in the lounge (movies/music streaming). Equipment will be replaced/reassigned/added.

Current equipment
FTTH Gigaclear Genexis Router Live! Titanium 24 50mbps (lounge)
Quattro LNB Satellite dish
Optima Multiswitch 16 port (loft)
No analogue aerial (poor signal)
Sky+ (lounge)
Sky digibox (via multiswitch to bed 2)
Amazon Firestick with Alexa (lounge)
Harmony Elite (lounge)
Amazon Prime
Sony KDL-32V5500 (lounge)
Samsung UE19H4000 (bed 2)

Would like
HD TV distribution to 4 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, study, utility, maybe dining.
NAS (photos, movies)
CCTV (inc doorbell) (looking at Hikvision kit)
Burglar Alarm (looking at Texecom Premier Elite 64W)

1. Contemplating running 2x Cat6 to each room for TVs. Lounge, study and utility could be HDMI as close to Node 0. Adequate?
2. Should I run Coax (1 or 2) to each room also? If so, via Node 0 or Multiswitch?
3. Not decided on audio. Not keen on ceiling speakers nor Sonos (demo in John Lewis). Should I run Speaker cabling?
4. Might noise from the Node 0 be an issue?
5. Considering cabling for wired Access Points in dining room to cover garden and landing for first floor rooms.

Any advice (apart from ditch the husband!) would be much appreciated.

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Start out with what you actually require in each Room/Zone, How many Simultaneous Users, Who are the Users (teenagers tend not to watch 'TV' these days, How you want to control the kit - many systems are now moving away from 'Node 0' as an AV Hub as Smart TV's, Laptops, Tablets and low cost Streaming source devices become the norm.

Your Network is now the backbone of most systems so ensure you allow some flexibility to create even WiFi coverage and Wired sockets where possible.

SONOS is a brilliant multi-zone music system which is simple to deploy and operate - there are options but none I have used have supplanted SONOS as yet.



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Are you likely to want\upgrade to Sky Q as your existing multi-switch probably will not support it so it's worth considering what you need to do to support that.

Not having an aerial really limits the point of running coax to each room. Are you sure you can't get a decent signal with a good (or right) aerial?

Unless the TV has a sat tuner or separate box then upgrading to Sky Q means you only need two cables from the satellite dish. (with a LNB and possibly dish swap)


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Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Requirement = TV and audio in all habitable rooms.
Simultaneous users = 4
Who = adults
Viewing/Listening = BBC1, Sky1, etc. Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, photos.
Control via iPhones, iPads, remotes.
Network = Sounds like I need to run 3x Cat6 (2x for network and 1x for wifi) to each room.
Sonos = I'll give it another listen. No cables involved so not immediately pressing.

Sky Q upgrade = Have just reduced Sky sub. Their content is unbearably repeated. However, I do like their menus, pause, rewind and record. Could probably get most Sky channels watched from NowTV, but no recording I believe.
Aerial = live in a small valley, opposite side to transmitter, hence signal goes over our heads. However, I suspect aerials have moved on considerably. I have some WF100 left over from our dish install which I thought I may as well run at same time as Cat6. I think I read somewhere Sky were considering ditching dishes and running over internet.

Joe Fernand

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Node 0 - other than resolving the SKY conundrum (SKY Q is going to be more flexible) there is little reason to centralise anything in your system other than running Network cables back to your central Network Switch.

Creating stand-alone systems in each room ‘customised’ to the room with possibly a uniform control layer using Tablets makes more sense.


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