House Music Streaming System


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I have a Sonos system in my house with a bridge but only one speaker and I dont wish to buy another at the moment due to the cost. However, I have pretty much a hifi system in every room along with pc and was wondering if there was any software out there to do the same job as sonos but with computer software? or if there was a way to plug my hifis into sonos without the adapter costing 300quid.

Many Thanks

Matt :)


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If your music is on a network drive, and your HiFi in each room has a Line In or Digital in, then a Squeezebox Touch in every room at around £200 each ?


or an a s/hand i-pod touch for around £50 and use squeezeserver and iPeng on the touch. If you get a dock or line out adaptor the sound quality is not bad and it easily portable between stereos.
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