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Hi everyone,

Hopefully early next year we are having an extension along the back of our house to create open plan living. Im wanting to install a living room come non-dedicated cinema room into the new room layout which has a fish tank room divider with the kitchen diner. SWMBO wants in-wall speakers..

Below is a plan of the layout so far mostly to scale (excuse the use of powerpoint!). The green parts are the dolby recommended angles for the 5.1.4 speaker setup I would like (although I could be persuaded to go for a 7.1.4 setup if I could figure out what to do with the side speakers). Stud wall would incorporate the LCR and maybe an IW sub (although not sure to have IW sub, see below) and OSP would be 3m from 120" screen.

Living room layout cropped.png

My first question is: What do you think i could do about my rear speakers. I would like to incorporate them into a wall and could add some joinery around the corner for the RL speaker but what would you do about the RR speaker? I could potentially make some joinery around the pillar next to the fish tank but the angles would be slightly relaxed. Alternatively I put something in-wall between the two windows but is this too far away for rear speakers? what would you recommend?

Im also undecided on the sub - whether to go in-wall or have a free standing...any advice on this? what would you recommend for either?

The setup I have specced myself so far is:
Centre speaker: KEF 4iC100QL-THX
L+R front: 2x Focal 100IWLCR5
Atmos Ceiling: 4x Focal 100ICW5
Rear: 2x IW6 (if I can mount them both in a wall).
AVR - Denon AVC-4700H
Using a nvidia shield for plex and apps.

Projector may be an epson tw9400 - depending on budget and best projector at time of purchase.

Can anybody make any other recommendations or give any advice?

Thanks for reading and any help you can provide



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7.x may be easier to install the rear speakers but the side speaker on the right (large window) side would need to go in the ceiling, is this preferable or would you stick to 5.x because of this?


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hi mate, firstly the room is crying out for "wides" but as they are out of fashion and all that glass it wont be considered.

2ndly they are not "rear speakers" they are side surrounds.. "rears" refers to a 7. system not where you place your "side surrounds", sorry but it can confuse as it sounds like you are going a 7. system.

as for in wall everything.. bit a a massive compromise. your side surrounds will go within the dolby guide lines on stands, yes you could build boxes for them but get the placement right.

i would do 5.1 (or 2).4 in that room

as for sub.. built in sub is basically folly. the sub should go where it sounds best, people tent to go with what looks nice so bass is compromised. you dont know how all that glass will effect room acoustics so be very careful about speaker/sub placement. i would start with the sub directly behind your seating. then your w wont see it and you should get better tactile response at lower volume. also try the left hand rear corner, try the "sub crawl" as well.

xt32 EQ will assist a lot with all that. pre deciding positions without testing can lead to massive disappointment. looking good is not what sound is about, yes it is important but so is the end result after all that $$$ is spent.


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Thanks for the reply hopefullguy. Sorry about the confusing nomenclature, showing my naivety!

Here is how I would lay the 5.1 side surround speakers out. Think its the best I can do given the space. The focus 100 iw6's have a movable tweeter so Im hoping this should remove some of the angle problems with the RSS speaker.

5.1 AV layout2.jpg

Regarding the sub, Id like to do a sub crawl but I will logistically have problems with doing the wiring and the wood floor being laid, I obviously don't want cables across the floor. If I can do this then I will - I will talk to builder about this. Otherwise, Im thinking install a sub into the stud wall at the front right, and then in time another one at the rear in the corner if the base sounds off.

Thanks again for any advice given.



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Maybe one fix for the logistics would be to get a Wireless adapter for the sub, Id just have to worry about a plug socket then.


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Thanks for the replies harkon.

Ive gone off the in wall sub and side surround speakers. The side surrounds I will get ones on stands (or wall mounted). Any recommendations for these (budget about £200 each)?

The sub I will need to move to find the optimum position, hopefully I can do this before the wood flooring goes down and run the RCA cable before hand; dont really want to have to run RCA cable to every possible position (plus id have multiple unwanted RCA ports on walls around the room). I think just buying a wireless adapter would be tidier and easier, especially if its best behind the couch.

Thanks again


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Im now thinking a pair of the Dome Flax for the side surround speakers. I can mount them on the wall and point them at the OSP on the window side and either mount on the wall or on a shelf on the other side.

My only concern is whether these would be large enough for the setup, what do you think?

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