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Morning all!

We moved into our first home in October and there’s a lot of modernising that is required.

I’m now at the point of sorting out tv aerial and distribution.

The only connection in the house is a shotgun satellite cable in the living room. TV has a Freesat tuner built in so we’re okay in there!

There are 4 bedrooms and I would like to run cable to the kitchen too. We’ll be replacing floorboards upstairs as they’re well worn, so I’ll use this opportunity to run coax, network and telephone cabling to each room.

That’s the background. Running cable and terminiation at quadplex plates I’m fine with. The distribution side of it I’m not so clued up on. I’ve got myself a reel of Triax TX100 for this.

Ideally I’m wanting to run 2 coax to each termination point. When connected to the quadplex plate I understand that 1 cable will carry Sat1, TV and UHF/DAB. The second cable will carry sat 2 for the purposes of 2 channel recording etc. Is this correct?

Looking into this, I understand that I need a Multiswitch? Again - please can somebody confirm.

I’m looking at a Triax TMS 516 SE-AQ. There are 6 rooms that I’m running cable to and need 2 per room. This covers my needs and gives me room for expansion in the future. Is this a suitable piece of kit?

Regards to receiving equipment outside, we have a satellite (oval sky dish). What else do I need? Recommendation for DAB and digital tv aerial please.

The reasarch I’ve done suggests that I would need a triplexer to combine the UHF/DAB/TV feeds to a single output which would then run to the terrestrial input on the Multiswitch. Correct?

Triax TFC should do the job?

Satellite feeds then run into the Multiswitch. Specs on the Triax website indicate that the switch I am looking at is suitable for either quad or Quattro LNB and I understand fitting a quad LNB onto the sky dish is relatively straight forward?

Is that everything that is required?
Would this setup work?
Have I missed or totally misunderstood anything?
Does the Multiswitch act as an amplifier too, like the tv distribution amplifiers?

Or, would I be better off using 2 tv distribution amplifiers. One to carry sat1/tv/dab and the other for sat2. Then only needing 2 feeds from the satellite.

Aside from the power for the Multiswitch, does anything else require a power source?

Apologies for the lengthy post. Hopefully it makes sense and I’ve covered everything.

Any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I am assuming from this that do not have SkyQ and are not looking to implement it in the future? And that you are looking to use Sky HD boxes (or similar) at all 6 locations ?

If this is not correct please explain what is going to be at each TV location ?


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Thanks for the reply.

Correct assumption. We have prime and Netflix accounts. Use on demand services and the Freesat.

I’ve got a couple of old sky+ boxes that I will use in a bedroom and kitchen.

Other bedrooms being cabled now as it seemed logical to do it all whilst the floorboards are up, rather than what we need for now and then adding once we have a larger family etc.

Sky TV isn’t something that we are currently fussed about having. This would be simply to have TV points in each bedroom with the option to add a recorder box in the future, if needed.

Would my understanding be correct that if we did go the Sky Q route that the only part we would need to change would be the Multiswitch? I presume the cabling would still be suitable?

Thanks again.

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If you wanted sky Q you would also have to change the LNB (as well as the multiswitch) as Sky Q uses a different LNB. Your logic seems sound. I guess my only question is do you really need a DAB aerial. Given that most radio stations can be streamed and sometimes at a higher quality than DAB is this something that you need, i.e. do you have a DAB tuner that you need it for ? If you do need one than your use of a diplexer / triplexer to combine the UHF aerial and DAB aerial feeds is correct.


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Just drawn it out on paper, would my understanding be correct on the attached?

Triplexer - Triax TFC -
Multiswitch - Triax TMS 516 SE AQ-BS -

Would this setup be suitable for my needs?
Is there anything that I have missed?
Are there any other products that are better and similarly or cheaper priced?

Please can I also have a recommendation for a good quality digital TV aerial and DAB aerial (of DAB & UHF combined)



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Looks pretty good, triax are good quality products

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